2. 490 ALEXICACUS : SPIRIT of SALT of the World : Which vul- garly Prepared, is call'd The SPIRIT of SALT : OR, The Transcendent Virtue of the true Spirit of Salt Long Iook'd for, And now Philosophically Prepared and Purified from all hurtfull or corroding Qualities, far beyond any thing yet known to the World, being both safe and pleasant for. the Uee,of all MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN. By Constantine Rhodocanaces, Grtecian of the Isle of Chios, and one of His Majesties Chymists : Who is the sole Author and Inventer of this SPIRIT. Living in London, next Door to the Three Kings Inn in Southampton Bui/dings, near the Kings Gate in Holborn. Where all. manner of Chymical Preparations are carried on without any Sophistication or Abuses what- soever. This seventh Edition Enlarged with Testimonies, Advertisements, and rare MEDICAMENTS. By his Majes- ties special Direction and Allowance. Παν αγαθόν iattho3 τοις aXXotc εστί κοινωνικόν. London, Printed by W. G. MDCLXX. In-4° de 2 ff. non chiffres et 24 pages. Au verso du titre, les armes d'Angleterre avec les devises : Honni soit qui mal y pense et Dieu et mon droit. Rarissime. Page 24, on lit l'avis suivant : I shall remove my Lodging, at Michaelmass next, to new Pell-Mell, two or three dores beyond the George, where I shall be known by my wonted Sign for the setting off the Spirit of Salt. Bibliotheque du Musee britannique : 778. e. 41 (10). Le Paschalium, qui va de 1670 a 1706, a ete compose, comme l'indique la table des matieres (p. 5), par Arsene Caloudis. Bibliotheque de l'Arsenal : Theol. 2257. 8». Nota bene. Nous possedons un exemplaire de cet Horologium qui differe de celui que nous venons de decrire en ce qu'il est tire de format in-12 (soit 30 cahiers de 24 pages et un cahier de 16 pages seulement).