2. 459 ALEXICACVS Spirit of Salt of the World Which vulgarly prepar'd is call'd THE SPIRIT OF SALT. OR The transcen- dent Virtue of the true SPIRIT of SALT Long look'd for, And now Philosophically prepared and purified from all hurt- full or Corroding Qualities, far beyond any thing yet known to the World : being both safe and pleasant for the use of all Men, Women and Children. By Constantine Rhodocanaces, Grecian of the Isle of Chios, and one of his Majesty's Chymists ; which is the sole autor and inventor of this Spi- rit. In a Physical Laboratory in LONDON, next door to the Three Kings Inne in Southampton (sic) Buildings, near the Kings Gate in Holborn, Where all manner of Chymical pre- parations are carried on without any Sophistication or abuses whatsoever. This third Edition is enlarged with some extraordinary Testimonies, Advertisements, and rare Medi- caments. By His Majesties special Direction and Allowance.
  3. Constantine Rhodocanaces,Grecian of the Isle of Chios