2. 422 A True and Exact RELATION OF THE STRANGE FINDING OUT OF MOSES his Tombe, In a Valley neere unto Mount NEBO in PALESTINA.'W'ith divers remarkable occurrences that happened thereupon, and the several judgements of many learned men concerning the same. Communicated by a person of quality residing at Constantinople, to a person of Honour here in England, and by him permitted to be published, for the satisfaction of the Ingenious. LONDON, Printed by /. G. for Richard Lowndes, at the White Lion, in St Paul's Church-yard. 1657. In-4° de 3 feuillets non chiffrιs, 39 pages chiffrιes et 3 pages blanches. Nous donnons place ici ΰ cet ouvrage, parce que plusieurs biblio- graphes l'attribuent ΰ Joseph Georgirenes, archevκque de Samos. Mais cette attribution ne repose sur aucune base sιrieuse. Dans un exemplaire conservι ΰ la bibliothθque Bodlιienne (Wood. 246.3.), on lit cette note de Wood : This is a ineere lye; it (vas writt by ornas Chaloner esq. and invented at a tavern : London.